Meet our Students

Current Students' Activities

The HSOR PhD students come with a variety of backgrounds and interests.  While students, they also take advantage of many opportunities, as shown by the summary below.  

Priya Chandan  

Priya graduated from the University of Georgia with a double major in Microbiology and Psychology.  She then continued her studies at The University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB), earning MD and MPH degrees.  She completed her clinical internship (PGY1) in Internal Medicine and one year of residency training (PGY2) in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation (PM&R) at VCU Health System.  Priya is currently an Assistant Professor at the University of Louisville School of Medicine, Department of Neurological Surgery, Division of PM&R.  She engages in both quantitative and qualitative research methodologies to address her interest in the health disparities experienced by people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. 

Selected Oral Presentations at Scientific Meetings

  1. Chandan, P., Adamkin, M. (2015, July). A sustainable model for increasing residency program involvement in MedFest: lessons learned. Oral presentation at the American Academy of Developmental Medicine and Dentistry’s Global Summit on Innovations in Health and IDD, Los Angeles, CA.
  2. Chandan, P. (2015, July). Innovative tools to promote the inclusion of individuals with intellectual & developmental disabilities in health research. Oral presentation at the American Academy of Developmental Medicine and Dentistry’s Global Summit on Innovations in Health and IDD, Los Angeles, CA.
  3. Chandan, P.(2017, June).  National Curriculum Initiative in Developmental Medicine.  Oral presentation at the American Academy of Developmental Medicine and Dentistry Annual Meeting, Houston, TX.
  4. Chandan, P.(2018, June).  Efforts across the medical education continuum:  Training providers about the healthcare needs of people with intellectual/developmental disabilities.  Oral presentation at the American Academy of Developmental Medicine and Dentistry Annual Meeting, Seattle, WA.
  5. Chandan, P. (2018, June).  Inclusive Healthcare Summit:  Health Disparities.  Oral presentation at the American Academy of Developmental Medicine and Dentistry Annual Meeting, Seattle, WA.
  6. Chandan, P. & Cornacchia, M. (2018, June).  Psychotropic polypharmacy and physical health. Oral presentation at the American Academy of Developmental Medicine and Dentistry Annual Meeting, Seattle, WA.
  7. Chandan, P., Thatcher, A., Johnson, E., Prokup, J., Park, J.  (2018, July). Learners’ perspectives on developmental disability curriculum.  Oral presentation at the American Academy of Developmental Medicine and Dentistry Annual Meeting, Seattle, WA.
  8. Chandan, P.Adamkin, M., Schuster, C., Dubon, M. (2018, October). Physiatrists’ role in inclusive health:  Caring for patients with intellectual disability.  Oral presentation at the American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Annual Assembly, Orlando, FL.
  9. Chandan, P.Buchino, S., Combs, R., Carter, K., Noonan, E. (2018, November). Integrating intellectual/developmental disability in medical education.  Oral presentation at the American Public Health Association (APHA) Annual Meeting and Exposition, San Diego, CA.

Selected Publications 

Bazzoli, G., Carcaise-Edinboro, P., Sabik, L., Chandan, P., Harpe, S. (2016). Integrated case management: Does it reduce health service disparities across African American and White Medicaid beneficiaries?. Medical Care Research and Review. Advance online publication June 14, 2016.

Sabik, L., Bazzoli, G., Carcaise-Edinboro, P., Chandan, P., Harpe, S. (2016). The impact of integrated case management on health services use and spending among non-elderly adult Medicaid enrollees. Medical Care, 54(8), 758-764. 

Selected Book Chapters 

Qutubuddin, A. A., Chandan, P., & Carne, W. (2015). Chapter 45: Degenerative movement disorders of the central nervous system. In D. X. Cifu (Ed.), Braddom's physical medicine & rehabilitation (5th ed., pp. 1017-1027). Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Elsevier. 

Wehman, P., Targett, P., Dillard, C. and Chandan, P. (2014). Return to school and return to work after traumatic brain injury. In D. Cifu & B. Eapen (Eds.), Critical Care in Traumatic Brain Injury. London, UK: Future Medicine Ltd.

Kimberly Decker 

Kim graduated from the University of Virginia with a major in Psychology.  She then entered the Army as a Medical Service Corps officer and completed numerous healthcare-related assignments in the continental United States and abroad.  From 2010-2012, she continued her studies at Army-Baylor Graduate Program in Healthcare Administration (Baylor University), earning a Masters Degree in Healthcare Administration (MHA).  She completed her administrative residency a Martin Army Community Hospital near Columbus, Georgia, and later became the Chief of the Healthcare Management Division in the same location.   Later, she served as the Executive Officer at Munson Army Community Hospital (Leavenworth, Kansas), the Chief of Clinical Operations at Winn Army Community Hospital (Fort Stewart, Georgia) and the Deputy Commander for Administration at Tuttle Army Health Clinic (Hunter Army Airfield, Savannah, Georgia). 

Kim remains on active duty and is attending VCU on a full scholarship with the Army’s Long Term Health Education Program.  She employs a quantitative approach while pursuing her interest in organizational performance, with a specific focus on motivation theories and Pay for Performance in healthcare.  

Matthew DePuccio  

Matt is a data analyst at VCU’s Office of Health Innovation where he designs and implements program evaluations for VCU Medical Center.  In collaboration with Laura McClelland, Ph.D., Matt has researched the relationship between organizational practices that support clinician well-being and patient experiences with care.  In past years he has co-instructed an introductory course in health care systems and is now working on his dissertation research which focuses on primary care team processes and outcomes.  

Matt graduated from St. Lawrence University with a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry and a Master of Science from the University at Albany (SUNY) in Health Policy and Management. 


McClelland, L. E., Gabriel, A. S., and DePuccio, M. J. (2018). Compassion practices, nurse well-being, and ambulatory patient experience ratings. Medical Care, 56(1), 4-10.

*Hoff, T., and DePuccio, M. (2016). Medical home gaps for older adult patients: Perspectives from primary care physicians and their staff. Journal of Applied Gerontology, Ahead of print, doi: 10.1177/0733464816637850. 

(*Selected as a 2016 runner-up for the Best Paper Award in the Healthcare Management Division of the Academy of Management.)  

DePuccio, M.J., and Ozcan, Y.A. (2016). Exploring efficiency differences between medical home and non-medical home hospitals. International Journal of Healthcare Management, Ahead of print, doi: 10.1080/20479700.2015.1101913.  

DePuccio, M.J. (2014). Managed care and organizational influences on hospitalist program adoption. Hospital Topics, 92(4) 1-7.  

DePuccio, M.J., and Hoff, T.J. (2013). Medical home interventions and quality outcomes for older adults: A systematic review. Quality Management in Health Care. 22(4), 336-349.  

Hoff, T., Weller, W., and DePuccio, M. (2012). The patient-centered medical home: A review of recent research. Medical Care Research and Review. 69(6), 619-644.

Oral presentation

DePuccio, M. J., McClelland, L. E., and Vogus, T. J. Making it work: Towards an understanding of the teaming behaviors and structural conditions that enable effective primary care teams. Organization Theory in Health Care Association Conference, Baltimore, MD. June 7, 2018.

Jennifer Early   

Jennifer (Jen) Early is a doctoral candidate and joined VCU Health System’s Enterprise Project Management Office as a Senior Project Manager in August of 2018. In this role, she supports the development of VCU Health System’s Population Health strategy. Jen is a registered nurse by training and has over a decade of community health and care coordination experience. She also brings expertise in community engagement, anchor mission advancement, community-engaged research, and dialogue facilitation for innovation.  She enjoys working with academic health systems as they align their resources with their surrounding communities to improve population health. She also has research interests in organizational structure and its impact on performance and well-being. Jen earned both her B.S. in Nursing and her M.S. in Health Administration from the VCU.


Holton, V., Early, J., Resler, M., Trussel, A., Howard, C. (2016). “The University Next Door:  Developing a Centralized Unit that Strategical Cultivates Community Engagement at an Urban University.” Metropolitan Universities Journal.

Holton, V., Jettner, J. F., Early, J. & Shaw, K. K. (2015). “Leveraging existing resources to develop university community engagement data systems.” Metropolitan Universities Journal, 26 (2).

Holton, V., Early, J., Jettner, J. F., & Shaw, K. K. (2015). “Measuring Community-University Partnerships across a Complex Research University: Lessons and Findings from a Pilot Enterprise Data Collection Mechanism.” Metropolitan Universities Journal, 26 (2). 

Refereed Presentations

Early, J. (2018, October). Looking Back to Move Forward: Understanding the Historical Context of the Urban University. Annual meeting of Coalition of Urban and Metropolitan Universities, Chicago, IL. (National)

Early, J., Hunter, B., & Crapol, H. (2018, October). Richmond’s East End Health Education and Wellness Center: Aligning University Health System Engagement Efforts with Community Needs. Annual meeting of Coalition of Urban and Metropolitan Universities, Chicago, IL. (National)

Delmerico, A. and Early, J. (2018, October). Anchor Institution Impacts on Population Health: Collective Impact and Upstream Interventions. Annual meeting of Coalition of Urban and Metropolitan Universities, Chicago, IL. (National)

Early, J., Britton, J., Couse, C., & Luna, T. (2018, October). Building Together: Inclusive Neighborhood Development and Real Estate Investment. Annual meeting of Coalition of Urban and Metropolitan Universities, Chicago, IL. (National)

Early, J., Howard, C. (2017, October). Ten Years as a Division of Community Engagement: What? So What? What Now?. Annual meeting of Coalition of Urban and Metropolitan Universities, Denver, CO. (National)

Early, J., Holton, V., Allison, K., Howard, C. (2016, October). How do we enhance our impact? Developing Alignment of University Efforts with Pressing Community Needs. Annual meeting of Coalition of Urban and Metropolitan Universities, Washington, D.C. (National) 

Pelco, L., Early, J. (2016, October). Professional development for community-engaged research and teaching: An integrated model for administrators, instructors, researchers, and community partners?. Annual meeting of Coalition of Urban and Metropolitan Universities, Washington, D.C. (National)  

Holton, V. & Early, J. (2016, September). Collaborative Curiosity: Building Organizational Climate to Advance Community-Engaged Research. A paper at Annual meeting of the International Association for Research on Service-learning and Community Engagement, New Orleans, LA. (International)  

Early, J. & Holton, V.  (2016, September). Academic Health Centers: Improving the Health of our Communities through Community Engagement. Paper presented at the 2016 International Association for Research on Service-Learning and Community Engagement, New Orleans, LA (International).  

Early, J. & Holton, V.  (2016, September). Are your findings 'finding' their way to the community? A Faculty Learning Community Approach to Broad Dissemination. Poster presented at the 2016 International Association for Research on Service-Learning and Community Engagement, New Orleans, LA (International).

Zimmerman, E., Cook, S., Haley, A., Walker, A., Bea, C., Early J. (May, 2016). The SEED Method: A participatory process for stakeholder involvement in selecting and prioritizing health research questions. Campus-Community Partnerships for Health 14th  International Conference, New Orleans, Louisiana (International). 

Early, J. (2014) “Acuity Adaptable Units: Innovative Investment or Disaster in the Making?”  Academy Health 2014 Annual Research Meeting. 

Sandra Lamm  

Sandra is a supervisor in Transfusion Medicine at Virginia Commonwealth University Health System. She has a Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology from Medical College of Virginia and an MS in Health Administration from Virginia Commonwealth University. Her research interests include the role of organizational factors in the effectiveness of patient blood management programs and the intersection of employment and rural geography. 

Published abstracts with poster presentations:   

Lamm, S. L., Stalley, A., Bhavnagri, R. M., Armstrong, S. M., Franks, M., & Sanford, K. (2015). “Platelet Utilization Forecasting: Impact on Ordering Practice.” Transfusion, 55, 225A-226A. 

Lamm S, Stalley A, Bhavnagri, Armstrong, S, Squyars, K Sanford, K. (2014) “Platelet Utilization Forecasting: Using the Past to Predict the Future.” Transfusion, 54(S2):247   

Lamm S, Shemenski J, Stalley A, Bhavnagri R, Sanford K. (2013) “Improving an Electronic Maintenance Documentation Form.” Transfusion, 53(S2):270A.   

Lamm S L, Stalley A, Sanford, K. (2013). Improving an Electronic Maintenance Documentation Form. Transfusion. 53:270A-271A  

The following is in press: 

Lamm, S. L., Bangs, N., Sanford, K. “A Retrospective Study of Emergency Department Initiated Type and Screen Testing: Were Patients Transfused after Testing?” Transfusion (In press). 

She is co-author of:  Stalley A, Armstrong S, Lamm S. (2010). Creating an Electronic Reagent Quality Control Form. Transfusion. 50(S2): 249.  


Lamm, S. (2017) “The Effect of the Affordable Care Act on Private Health Insurance Status of Self-Employed Rural Residents.” Academy Health Annual Research Meeting, New Orleans, LA.  

Hillary Linhart  

Hillary is currently a graduate assistant in the Department of Health Administration. She previously co-instructed a course on Health Care Organization and Services as an adjunct instructor and been a guest lecturer in the MHA program’s Health Analytics and Decision Support course.

Hillary earned an MBA and BBA in Process Management and Consulting from The College of William and Mary.  She previously worked in various process improvement and program management roles for the Medicaid business division of Anthem, Inc. and also has experience as an IT consultant with CRGT, Inc. Her current research focus is on the performance benefits of health care organization investment in convenient care models.  

Publications & Manuscripts in Progress  

Rathert, C., Williams, E. & Linhart, H. (2018). Evidence for the Quadruple Aim: A Systematic Review of the Literature on Physician Burnout and Patient Outcomes. Medical Care, 56(12), 899-966.

Linhart, H. & Ozcan, Y. A. (2018). Does Urgent Care Center Ownership Improve Hospital Efficiency? Manuscript in preparation.   

Linhart, H. & Rathert, C. (2018). Examining the Relationship between Job Resources and Employee Voice in Healthcare: A Structural Equation Modeling Approach. Manuscript in preparation.   


Linhart, H. & Shay, P. D. (2016). “Medicaid Modernization: Will it Change Medicaid Managed Care Organizational Forms?” Organization Theory in Health Care Conference, Nashville, TN.    

Hillary was also a contributor to the following textbook:  

Ozcan, Y. A. (2017). Analytics and Decision Support in Health Care Operations Management, 3rd Edition. H. Linhart (Contributor). San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.  

Kristin MacDonald

Kristin MacDonald received her Masters degree in Health Care Policy & Management from Stony Brook University in 2009. She has worked in a variety of healthcare settings including as a nursing home administrator, adult care home administrator, and clinical nutritionist.  Most recently, she has been an Adjunct Instructor at Methodist University and Owner/Dietitian at Health Appetites Nutrition Counseling, LLC.  In the Instructor role, she taught classes in the Health Care Administration Program, guided students through research projects, and was the recipient of the "Excellence in Service to Students Award."  As an adult care home administrator Kristin’s organization was featured in U.S. News and World Reports’ “Best Nursing Homes” list, receiving a 5-star rating for health inspections, staffing and quality measures.  She also guided this facility through a ‘zero-deficiency’ state survey in 2012 and her organization received state-level recognition for adoption of person-centered care.

Jennifer Palazzolo 

Jennifer is working on her dissertation research which focuses on the participation of post-acute care providers in accountable care organizations. Jennifer previously worked at Virginia Health Information as the Program Manager for the Virginia All Payer Claims Database (APCD), and has experience in the fields of public health, technology and finance. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Commerce from the University of Virginia, Certificate in Information Systems from the University of Richmond, and a Master of Public Health from VCU.


Hall, MA, McCue, MJ, Palazzolo, JR.  (2018). Financial Performance of Health Insurers: State-Run Versus Federal-Run Exchanges. Medical Care Research and Review. 75(3) 384– 393.

Palazzolo, J. R. & Ozcan, Y. A. (2017). Do the Most Efficient Accountable Care Organizations Earn Shared Savings? Socio-Economic Planning Sciences.

Hall, M., McCue, M., & Palazzolo, J. (2017). Financial Performance of Health Insurers: State-Run Versus Federal-Run Exchanges. Medical Care Research and Review.

McCue, M. J., & Palazzolo, J. R. (2016). Analysis of Actual Versus Projected Medical Claims Under the First Year of ACA-Mandated Coverage. Inquiry (00469580), 53.

Palazzolo, J. (2015). A Multi-theory Application: The Evaluation of Accountable Care Organizations. Management & Avenir Santé, (1), 19-36.


Palazzolo, J.R. & Clement, J.C. (2018, June). Factors Associated with Preferred Affiliation Status of Skilled Nursing Facilities with Accountable Care Organizations. Annual Research Meeting of AcademyHealth, Seattle, WA.

Clement, J.C. & Palazzolo, J.R. (2018, June). Skilled Nursing Facility Readmission Rates and Profitability. Annual Research Meeting of AcademyHealth, Seattle, WA.

Palazzolo, J. R. & Ozcan, Y. A. (2017, June). Do the Most Efficient Accountable Care Organizations Earn Shared Savings?  AcademyHealth Annual Research Meeting, New Orleans, LA.

Andrew Placona

Andrew Placona received his Masters of Science in Public Policy and Management from Carnegie Mellon University. 

Jennifer Pryor  

Jennifer received her MS and MA in Psychology from Hollins University and the College of William & Mary, respectively. She earned her MS in Gerontology and a post-graduate certificate in Non-Profit Management from Virginia Commonwealth University. Jennifer is a licensed Assisted Living Administrator and a certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt.  She is a faculty member in the VCU Department of Gerontology. 

Jennifer’s research interests are focused on long-term care organizations, administration, and outcomes. Her personal and professional goal is to challenge the paradigm of the long-term care continuum and promote innovation and development in the industry to foster inclusiveness, community, and awareness of ageism.  

Yanyan Shen

Yanyan received her MA from Washington University in St. Louis and MHA from University of Missouri. She has worked on projects related to financial projection, inventory management, quality improvement, and information system implementation in healthcare settings. She is interested in research on health finance and health informatics.