Dear Alumni:

As President of your VCU Department of Health Administration Alumni Advisory Council (AAC) I am excited to increase connectivity across our 2,664 alumni. Over the past 70 years we evolved into an elite department and rank in the top five health administration programs nationally. Our legacy steeped in tradition, professionalism, and excellence is at the heart of seven decades of transformational change in healthcare.

In 2017 a survey was conducted of students, alumni and faculty. Based on 329 completed responses a strategic imperative to improve our department emerged: Build Stronger Connections Between Students, Faculty and Alumni.

79% of Alumni WANT to be informed --> 47% of alumni FEEL informed = A BIG OPPORTUNITY

From this feedback the Alumni Council developed eight strategic goals to be achieved by the end of 2022. We need your engagement to achieve these targets.

  •  Create a space in the School of Allied Health Professions to recognize our 70 year legacy.
  • Increase MHA/MSHA student enrollment from 44 to 60 students per year.
  • Hardwire a student and alumni mentoring program within 24 mentors per year.
  • Support the faculty to maintain curriculum relevancy through continuation of an annual “environmental scan” to be presented to the faculty.
  • Bring more alumni into the classroom each semester – virtual or live.
  • Quadruple the department and alumni social media presence to INFORM.
  • Exceed the VCU system wide fundraising objectives set out by the new Dean.
  • Influence the selection of a new HAD Chair and new faculty.

Your engagement as alumni will make a positive and lasting impact on our future. Become a mentor. Attend alumni events. Recruit students. Give generously. Voice your perspective. There are endless ways to give back and impact the next generation.

I look forward to providing frequent reports to you regarding our achievements. I am available to engage with you anytime at 850-325-5017 or Thank you for honoring the legacy of our great department and here’s to an exciting future ahead, together. 


Alan B. Keesee, FACHE (MHA ’09)