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Our spring semester has come to a close, and we want to congratulate the class of 2022! We applaud our MHA and MSHA graduates and welcome them to the next chapter of their careers.

You can see every graduate, and check out what the other students and faculty of VCU Health Administration have been up to over the past five months, in the latest issue of Cardwell Comments. It’s available now for download (if you’re close to our offices in Richmond, print editions are available if you’d like to stop by). 

Also in this issue:

And more! Enjoy the latest issue.


MHA Class 2022

MHA graduating class:
Back row from left: Hunter Stone, Thomas Thorup, Davis Roche, John Tennant, Jacob Williams, Taylor Woolley.

Middle row from left: Heather Boswell, Tamela Brandenburg, Jennifer Harter, Mary Claire Jenkins.

Front row from left: Kaylyn Conklin, Emilee Strausburg, Jeff Renner, Morgan Gossman, Devynn Woolley


MHA Class 2022

MSHA graduating class:
First row from left: Monica Bregman, Amy Paul, Jinhyun Jung.

Second row from left: Nicole Carter-Loebig, Juellisa Secosky, Andrea Nguyen, Rachel Sheldon, Ginae Bluitt.

Third row from left: Anthony Shero, Mark Davis, Kevin Fekete.

Fourth row from left: David Derrickson, Tanza Westry, Chase Shieder.

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