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Picture of Michael McCue

Michael J. McCue, D.B.A.

R. Timothy Stack Professor

Interim Assistant Dean for Research and Innovation

Phone: (804) 828-1893

Email: mccue@vcu.edu


University of Kentucky
D.B.A., Finance

University of Minnesota
M.B.A., Finance

University of Louisville
B.S., Accounting


Michael J. McCue, D.B.A., is the R. Timothy Stack Professor of Health Administration. His academic focus is on a range of health care finance topics, specifically the cash flow performance and capital financing of hospitals to the financial and operational performance of health insurers in both commercial and Medicaid markets. He is currently a co-principal investigator on a Commonwealth Fund grant that assesses financial performance of health insurers offering health plans on ACA individual and group exchanges. 


  1. Understanding how health insurers estimate and develop their premium rates on the ACA exchange. 
  2. Assessing health insurers’ performance financially within the individual and group exchanges 
  3. Comparing the performance of national, publicly traded health insurers relative to regional health insurers owned by healthcare systems 


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