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Jonathan P. DeShazo, PhD

Associate Professor

Blick Scholar

Phone: (804) 828-5509

Email: jpdeshazo@vcu.edu


University of Washington
Ph.D., Biomedical and Health Informatics
M.P.H., Health Care and Population Health Research


Jonathan DeShazo, Ph.D., has expertise in the area of health informatics. His education and experience include over ten years of information systems in industry, five years of nursing, and graduate training in biomedical informatics and health services.   His Ph.D. training and industry experience equip him with the tools and methodological framework needed to investigate emerging technologies; while his health services training brings a rich contextual domain to his research.  Dr. DeShazo's recent research activities include: effectiveness research for health services interventions, formalizing patient preferences into electronic health records, 'healthy' video games, extracting health concepts from free texts such as discharge summaries, and cross-institutional clinical data mining. 

PUBLICATIONS (10 most recent)

Widmer C, DeShazo JP, Bodurtha J, Quillin J, Creswick H. Genetic Counselors’ Current Use of Personal Health Records-Based Family Histories in Genetic Clinics and Considerations for Their Future Adoption. Journal of Genetic Counseling: December 2012 1-9.

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