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Carolyn "Cindy" Watts, PhD

Emeriti Faculty

Phone: (804) 828-5222

Email: cwatts2@vcu.edu


The Johns Hopkins University
Ph.D., Political Economy
M.A., Political Economy

University of Washington
B.A., Economics


Carolyn A. (Cindy) Watts, Ph.D., is the Richard M. Bracken Professor in the Department of Health Administration at Virginia Commonwealth University. With a Ph.D. in Political Economy from the Johns Hopkins University, Dr. Watts has focused her research on organizational, reimbursement and regulatory issues in healthcare markets. Her past research projects have explored the impact of various legislative initiatives on health insurance risk pools and the implementation of various hospital reimbursement models and medical home demonstration projects in Washington State. Dr. Watts served as Chair of the 2006 Washington State Certificate of Need Program Task Force and was a founding member of the Health Information Partnership Board in that state. She has worked with the Virginia Hospital and Healthcare Association on a project to measure value in Virginia hospitals, was an inaugural member of the planning committee for the Virginia Healthcare Innovators Awards, and served on an Institute of Medicine Task Force to evaluate the Lovell Federal Heath Care Center Merger. She has completed several projects on various aspects of prison health care for the Virginia State Department of Corrections. She serves on the Board of Health Brigade, a free clinic in Richmond, Virginia.

PUBLICATIONS (10 most recent)

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