Dual Degree Program in Medicine and Health Administration


Program Description

Integration of administrative functions with clinical domains is necessary to deliver the most efficient and highest quality care. As health care organizations emerge and reshape themselves in response to environmental pressures, physicians will be sought to lead these organizations. To meet the demand for physician administrators, VCU's Department of Health Administration and VCU's School of Medicine developed a Dual Degree Program in Medicine and Health Administration. This innovative Program satisfies the demand for budding physicians who know early in their careers that they wish to pursue administration in tandem with a medical career. In five years, students complete both the MHA and MD degrees and are trained for roles as healthcare executives and medical care leaders who are knowledgeable about the organization, financing, and delivery of health services.

Program Schedule and Curriculum

After acceptance in the MHA/MD Program, the student meets with the MHA Program Director to design an appropriate course of study. The bulk of MHA courses are taken during full-time matriculation in the student's fourth year of study (Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters). The remaining courses are arranged during the final year of medical school. To allow maximum flexibility, a few courses may be taken in either the traditional MHA or the Master of Science in Health Administration. Medical school courses are counted as electives in the health administration portion of the curriculum.


Students applying for admission to the Dual Degree Program in Medicine and Health Administration must meet the standards and be accepted by both the Department of Health Administration and the VCU School of Medicine. Typically, students apply to the MHA portion of the program by February 1 during any of the first three years of medical school. For detailed MHA admission information, please see the Admissions section in the MHA Program description. Before beginning the health administration portion of the Program, the student must purchase and complete prerequisite modules in accounting and economics by July 1(unless the student has taken these courses within five years). This is a self-directed process wherein the student purchases the learning materials and works at their individual pace. Following this self-study, the student is required to complete a web-based competency exam in each discipline.