Administrative Residency

The residency is a ten-month, paid administrative practicum, in which students complete academic coursework and gain hands on experience in a health care setting under the mentorship of a senior level executive. All MHA students are required to complete the residency. Dual-degree students substitute the residency for a 400-hour internship.

The residency allows students to apply knowledge and skills learned in the classroom in a health care setting, gain a greater understanding of the context in which health administration is practiced, and strengthen personal and professional values. In the past, the residency was a common graduation requirement for health administration programs. VCU has maintained its commitment to requiring the residency, believing that it is the hallmark which distinguishes true professional preparation in the field.

Residency site selections are made through a facilitated match process in which the Program invites organizations within our network to interview students on campus. Through this process, VCU students compete for sites of their choice and preceptors compete for students of their choice. This is in contrast to other programs in which students must compete for fellowships through a post-graduation process that is student-initiated, rather than facilitated by the program prior to graduation.

Residencies ordinarily begin June 1, after the completion of on-campus coursework, and are completed by the following May, just before graduation ceremonies.