Student life

Each class consists of 25-30 students. This small class size allows for personalized attention by faculty and alumni/ae. It also promotes development of friendships and professional networks with fellow colleagues and Program alumni/ae. Students are involved in Departmental committees and participate in Student Chapters of the American College of Healthcare Executives, the Medical Group Management Association, and the Healthcare Financial Management Association.

While there is a strong focus on academics, the MHA Program also encourages involvement outside of the classroom through activities in the Department, at VCU, and in the Richmond community.  As described in the leadership section, each class self-governs itself and participates in community service projects, fundraising activities, and social functions. Students also serve the Department by assisting with Preceptor Days, alumni/ae events and recruitment activities. The photo albums below are designed to provide a glimpse in the life of MHA students.


“The combination of professors, schooled at the best institutions in the nation, such as Yale, Cal-Berkely, and Northwestern, along with a mixture of talented classmates from top-notch undergraduate backgrounds, has created for me the perfect healthcare learning environment.”

-Captain Ronald “Dan” Johnson, U.S. Army Reserves, MHA Class of 2008

“I chose the VCU MHA Program because of its focus on hospital management, the emphasis on professionalism and the familiar atmosphere due to small class size.”

-Sofie Perll Spurling, FACHE, MHA Class of 2009

 “VCU’s MHA Program is one of the best experiences I have had in my academic career. The ideal combination of both theoretical and practical knowledge that the program provides its students, by way of a well-rounded faculty, has served me well in my current position, and will continue to serve me well throughout my career.”

-MHA Class of 2005 Graduate

Annual Events

While there is a strong focus on academics, the MHA Program also encourages involvement at outside community and social events. Each class has an appointed Community Service representative who helps to coordinate events such as the United Way campaign and the holiday Angel Tree Project. Various social events are also held throughout the year.

The incoming class is treated to the Welcome Party hosted by the second year class and, in turn, the first year class hosts a Second Year Send-Off Party for rising third year students prior to their residencies. In the fall, the annual MHA Information Seminar is held at the Grant House for interested students to learn about the program.

Preceptor Days are also held each fall to allow second year students to interview with prospective residency preceptors. This is a unique event that helps to set the MHA Program apart. Another distinctive event is the Spring Seminars in which third year residents are welcomed back to give presentations on the management studies they conducted during their residencies.

Sponsor Program

The MHA program encourages interaction with both fellow classmates and alumni/ae of the program. Each year, incoming students are paired with both an alumni/ae advisor and a classmate sponsor.

Alumni/ae advisors serve as a link to the outside healthcare community and provide valuable insight into the dynamic world of healthcare. Incoming students are also paired with a sponsor from the class ahead of them. These sponsors serve as a guide through the program and often help to orient the incoming student to the Richmond area.